2022 edition

After two years of restrictive sanitary measures for the field of culture, activities put on hold, and a hybrid edition for 2021, we are proud to announce that FIFEQ-Montreal will hold its 2022 edition from May 11 to 15, exclusively in person!

The official selection of this 18th edition is composed of some twenty films of great intelligence and great beauty that were selected from the nearly 200 works submitted to FIFEQ by filmmakers and anthropologists from around the world.

With this program, the FIFEQ-MTL team wishes to present fresh and varied perspectives on ethnographic cinema and visual anthropology: films that are illustrated, narrated and captured in innovative ways, subverting and deconstructing reality. In addition to the screenings, the public will be able to participate in conversations, panels and parafilmic workshops aimed at deconstructing the way we look at reality and the human experience.

This new edition offers you the opportunity to apprehend the world in which we live differently, through the lenses of the diverse subjectivities that are shared to us by protagonists of varied identities and film directors who are passionate about the real. You will be able to discover, among other things, frank and poetic views on the solitary experiences of illegal migration, on the relationship between women and their body and sexuality following childbirth, on the administrative issues related to autochthony in India, on Mongolian shamanism and on the imaginations maintained by North Koreans through their viewing of foreign films.

The festival, faithful to its mission of democratizing ethnographic cinema, will this year again be free for almost all of its screenings.

We look forward to seeing you there!



FIFEQ-MTL 2022, in brief  : 

  • An opening night at Ausgang Plaza with film screenings and live music ;
  • 5 days of screening that will take place from May 11 to May 15, 2022 ;
  • Free access to several movie theaters and screening rooms, including: Cinéma Public, Cinéma Moderne, and the McCord Museum ;
  • Nearly 10 free screenings for the public ;
  • Several opportunities to discuss with film directors and invited experts.
And above all, a golden opportunity to meet and connect around cinema and visual anthropology in a warm and intimist setting.




We are looking for volunteers to prepare the 18th edition of the FIFEQ, that will take place from May 11th to 15th, 2022.

If you are a student in anthropology, sociology, film studies from Université de Montréa, McGill University or Concordia University, or you are simply passionate about films or social sciences… we are looking for you!

From the festival program and communications to the organization of fund-raisings and promotional events within universities, there is a task for everybody!

If you want to know more about ethnographic films and discover how to plan a festival, send us your CV and a cover letter at: ethnographik@gmail.com.


In a few words

The International Festival of Ethnographic Films of Quebec (FIFEQ) was founded in 2003 by visual anthropology students at Université de Montréal. A free and unique festival, it is one of the rare platforms to screen and promote ethnographic cinema in Canada. Thanks to the generous implication of hundreds of students from Concordia University, McGill University, Université de Montréal and of non-student professionals, the Festival has brought together thousands of viewers, all passionate about cinema, visual anthropology or simply curious about discovering hidden gems of the ethnographic repertoire.

The FIFEQ is a free festival that comes to life every year thanks to the generosity of our partners and cultural subsidies. Would you like to support us?