Dissonant Poetries of Contemporaneity

A NEW ERA (Une nouvelle ère / 走進新時代)

by Boris Svartzman, 2019 (in China)

France | 71min20 | English subtitles

In 2008, local authorities evicted 2,000 villagers from Guanzhou, a peninsula in southern China, to design new urban projects. Despite the demolition of their homes and police pressure, a handful of residents returned to the peninsula. For seven years, Boris Svartzman filmed their battle to save their ancestral land, from the ruins of the village where nature is slowly reclaiming its rights to the construction sites of the big city, which is moving inexorably in their direction.

FIFEQ’s review

A poignant and honest film, which testifies, with formal simplicity and political audacity, to the temporal dissonance of which urban development is the conductor.


June 18 to 20, 2021

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