Canadian premiere

A Sense of Place

In 1972, George Seddon wrote “Sense of Place”, a landmark environmental study that introduced the term to the field of landscape and environmental design, inviting close examination of the dynamics between human land use and the natural environment. In 2020, Afsun Moshiry picked up on the theme and collaborated with the Wim Wenders Foundation on creating a multi-layered project of the same title. In this realm, Iranian filmmakers embarked on exploring their own cinematic definitions of “a Sense of Place”, resulting in eclectic and diverse films.

For its closing session, the FIFEQ invites you to discover four of these films: Hollow, Shadowless: In Transit, Maltournée, and Great are the Eyes of a Dead Father.

Réalisé par

Afsun Moshiry (curateur)
Mohamadreza Farzad (I: Hollow)
Azin Feizabadi (IV: Shadowless: In Transit)
Pooya Abassian (V: Maltournée)
Afsaneh Salari (VI: Great are the Eyes of a Dead Father)

2023 | 1 h 36 | French, Farsi, English (s.t. English)

Featured selections

Sheffield docs

Filmmakers’ countries : Iran
Countries of filming: France, Germany, Iran
Country of production: Germany

Screening organized in partnership with Cinéma sous les étoiles

Saturday, May 11

8 pm | Rialto Theatre rooftop (outdoor projection)

7 pm Public welcome
8 pm Screening begins
10 pm Collaborative concert by

5723 du Parc Av.
Montreal, QC
H2V 4H2

Free admission, subject to seating availability

In case of bad weather, the projection will take place inside the Rialto Theater.

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