An Urban Wild

First festival screening

By : Leo Stillinger

2022 | 10 min | VOSTF
Country of origin of the filmmaker : États-Unis
Country of production : Canada (Critical Media Lab, McGill University)
Country of recording : Canada

The film is an ethnographic portrait of the “Champs des Possibles”, a former railway depot in Montreal and now an ecosystem of its own, protected by citizen action following threats of development. Putting the history and politics of the “Champs” into resonance with the sensory textures and materialities of the ecology itself, the film asks: what does urban wilderness really mean and feel like?

À propos du réalisateur :

Leo Stillinger studies Anthropology at McGill University, conducting research on long-distance walking as a therapeutic and political practice. This is his first film.

Free admission subject to availability of seats

THURSDAY, MAY 11 – 6:30 PM


5723 Av du Parc, Montréal, QC H2V 4H2

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