by Wilmarc Val, 2021 (Haïti)

France | 26 min | Original Version, French Subtitles

When a Haitian voodoo priestess – called a Mambo – dies, it is up to her children to celebrate the deity she served. The time has come for the director’s mother, who is the daughter of the deceased priestess, to return to her native land to conduct the ritual in honor of her late mother. Between cassette-recorded audio testimonies, dance film, and documentary study, Brave paints a portrait without artifice of a woman, the mother of a family, but also the daughter of another woman. A portrait of uprootings, maternal bonds, and of the duality between influences and traditions.


Wilmarc Val, the director, has always been interested in cinema and the role of images in the construction of a personal narrative. He draws on themes of time, origins, and the invisible.

Brave has been presented at numerous festivals, such as the International Documentary Film Festival of the Caribbean Amazon, the Festival dei Popoli, and Cinébanlieue.

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Thursday may 12

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