Rhythms and Sensorialities II - Breaths and Whispers


by Heather Anderson, 2019 (in Canada)

Australia | 5min21

7 am, sheets, a faint light coming from a window illuminating what seems to be an apartment: a couple wakes up and shares with us, very gently, a fragment of their intimacy.

FIFEQ’s review

The magic of a moment is preserved by the prevalence, within the short film, of senses other than sight. This experimental short film marks by its veiled softness and by the sensory richness that it admits to the everyday.

Conversation with Amelie Ward, PhD student in anthropology and sensory studies at McGill University – Discussion about the films of Imagining relationality and Rhythms and Sensorialities II – Breaths and Whispers (in French)


June 23 to 27, 2021

Films on June 21 to 27