North American premiere


In the middle of the mountains of Tajikistan, villagers organize themselves to survive the winter while the yaks slowly descend from the peaks. In this austere setting, the daily struggle for sustenance overlaps with the wild beauty of nature, painting a portrait of a resilient community facing isolation and adversity.

Directed by

Marie-Violaine Brincard, Olivier Dury

2023 | 30 min | no dialogue

Featured selection

Ji.hlava International 2024

Filmmaker’s country: France
Country of filming: Tajikistan
Country of production: France

Saturday, May 11

11 am | Cinéma Moderne

10:30 am Audience welcome
11 am Screening begins

5150 Saint-Laurent Blvd.
Montreal, QC
H2T 1R8

Free admission, subject to availability

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