Horticultural Time

First festival screening

By : Katrina Burch

2023 | 16 min | VOSTA and VOSTF
Country of origin of the filmmaker : Canada
Country of production : Canada (Critical Media Lab, McGill University)
Country of recording : Canada

Created from 901 35mm photographs, Horticultural Time is a portrait of a mother with her infant which explores the politics of emotional life during the Covid-19 pandemic. It urges us to attend to ecologies of growth, presence, touch, and play, wherein creating worlds from the ongoingness of life with children becomes not only a gift, but a potential source for societal transformation.

About the director :

Katrina Burch (born 1987, Uxbridge, Ontario) is a Canadian anthropologist and artist who works in film, sound, and photography.

Free admission subject to availability of seats

THURSDAY, MAY 11 – 6:30 PM


5723 Av du Parc, Montréal, QC H2V 4H2

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