Imagining Relationality

In the suitcase

by Simon Kessler, 2019 (in France)

France | 23min10 | French with English subtitles

Anaelle is 18 years old. In a few days, she leaves for England to attend university. Her belongings are scattered on her bedroom floor: the styles of her school years, holiday mementos, sociology textbooks. She wishes she could take it all. Packing the contents of her life, Anaelle laughs, cries, yells, and lights up a cigarette. She reflects on the past and worries about the future: what she packs in her suitcase connects the two.

FIFEQ’s review

An important moment filled with excitement, stress and sadness, captured by a loving and sensible eye.

Q&A with Simon Kessler – Director of In the suitcase (in French)

Conversation with Amelie Ward, PhD student in anthropology and sensory studies at McGill University – Discussion about the films of Imagining relationality and Rhythms and Sensorialities II – Breaths and Whispers (in French)


June 22 to 27, 2021

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