Original title: Fréquence Julie

First screening in Canada

By : Mia Ma
presented in collaboration with the Festival Filministes

2021 | 78 min | VOSTA 
Country of origin of director : France
Country of production : France
Country of recording : France
Discussion in the presence of Melissa Sokoloff, 
A professional art-therapist and certified supervisor (B.Sc.S., M.A., Ph.D.) with a passion for research and teaching, particularly in the applied humanities in the field of health.She uses research-creation, self-ethnography, qualitative and collaborative methods, is interested in quantitative methods, and has hopes to see more use and documentation of artistic practices in the health care field.
She has received the Hester Katz Student Award and the Award of Excellence for Research in Art Therapy from the “Association des art-thérapeutes du Québec” and is a member of the Canevas Art Therapy Centre’s team (Montréal).

One day, Julie heard voices threatening her. Doctors gave her electric shocks, marabouts tried to exorcise her, she swallowed a lot of medicines, drank a lot of potions, spent days in the hospital, and long hours locked up at home trying to forget the past and imagine the future. Administratively speaking, she is since her first hospitalization an 80% “disabled” person. In my eyes, she is a precious friend, a sensitive soul, a resister who decided that she would not make “a career of victim”. For five years, I have been filming her. Together, we dive into her past and discover the story of a heroine.

Selected at the Rencontres Images Mentales de Bruxelles (2023), the Sheffield Doc Fest (2022), and the Écrans Documentaires d’Arcueil (2021).


At the end of the 1990s, Mia Ma watched Jean-Pierre Thorn’s film Faire kiffer les anges on her television set, driven by her love of hip-hop dance. She discovered with enthusiasm a kind of documentary she had never seen before, which transforms intimacy into politics, and reality into cinema. It is only ten years later, after having served chicken at KFC, worn hostess and mascot costumes, obtained a master’s degree in Philosophy, written for magazines, filmed and edited X-rated videos, reports, institutional films and DIY tutorials, that she decides to learn filmmaking at the Ateliers Varan, convinced that documentary cinema is a privileged way to question the world we live in.

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Sunday May 7th, From 16H30


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