Imagining Relationality

LA AGUJA Y EL TAMBOR (The Needle and the Drum)

by Andrés Solis Barrios, 2020 (in Mexico and Canada)

Mexico | 14min30 | Spanish with English and French subtitles

The Needle and the Drum is a warm and tender look at the director’s grandparents, a story told through memories that intertwine in an abyss of dreams and illusions. Made entirely of archival footage, the film proposes a reflection upon memories and upon the fact that memory deteriorates over the years. Life experience prints itself in time, like embroidery on a white canvas. – Andres Solis Barios is a Mexican filmmaker based in Montreal.

FIFEQ’s review

A patchwork of feelings and gleaned images, this film embarks us on a memorial and poetic quest interrogating, through an intimate and reflexive point of view, our own reminiscences and the transfer of individual memories.

Conversation with Amelie Ward, PhD student in anthropology and sensory studies at McGill University – Discussion about the films of Imagining relationality and Rhythms and Sensorialities II – Breaths and Whispers (in French)


June 22 to 27, 2021

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