Ethnographic Intimacies

Let it burn

by Maíra Bühler, 2019 (in Brazil)

Brazil | 82minutes | Portuguese, English & French subtitles

Filmed over five months of intense coexistence with the subjects, Let it Burn is an ethnographic feature film presenting with great sensitivity, poetry, and honesty the life of crack users residing in an apartment building of temporary social housing in São Paulo, Brazil. A camera drifting through the hallways, rooms, elevators and stairs of this building captures deeply real characters engaged in a hallucinated quest for bonding who fight passionately for their lives and their humanity.

FIFEQ’s review

A wonderful film full of tenderness, violence, and love, which skillfully dodges the alienation of the crack-using subjects by creating an intimate vision of their reality.

Q&A with Maíra Bühler – Director if Let it burn.


June 14 to 20, 2021

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