Oumarou Ganda retrospective


by Oumarou Ganda, 1980

NIGER | 78 min | VOF and Djerma

A king has the habit of listening to the wishes of his people whilst walking in disguise on the streets of his kingdom. One day he overhears two brothers daydreaming of marrying the king’s daughters, even if it meant being beheaded one year later. The weddings take place and one of the brothers is decapitated one year later. The other one escapes at his wife’s insistence. On a long journey full of surprising incidents our hero becomes king of a village, with wives and subjects. But his earlier promise haunts him, and in order to save his family he accepts to be sacrificed.


Oumarou Ganda (1935-1981)

Oumarou Ganda is a Nigerian actor and director, of the Djerma ethnic group, born in 1935 in Niamey and died on 1 January 1981 in the same city. Arrived in Paris to edit his first film Cabascabo in the middle of May 1968, Oumarou Ganda managed to make a premiere in the French capital. Selected at the Cannes Film Festival in 1965 for the International Critics’ Week, two months later he won the Special Jury Prize at the Sixth Moscow Film Festival and then the International Critics’ Prize in Malaga, Spain.

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Friday, February 11th

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