Oumarou Ganda retrospective

Moi, un Noir

by Jean Rouch, 1958

Côte d’Ivoire | 70 min | VOF

Three Nigeriens and a Nigerien settle in Treichville, a suburb of Abidjan, capital of Côte d’Ivoire. Like many of their compatriots, they try the adventure of the city… Bitter adventure for those who abandon their village and face a mechanized civilization.


Jean Rouch (1917-2004)

Jean Rouch was a French filmmaker and ethnologist, born on May 31, 1917 in Paris and died on February 18, 2004 in Niger. He is particularly known for his practice of direct cinema and for his ethnographic films on African peoples such as the Dogon and their customs. Considered the creator of ethnofiction, a sub-genre of docufiction, he is one of the theorists and founders of visual anthropology.

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Friday, February 10th

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