No Home Movie

“Because this film is above all a film about my mother, my mother who is no longer here. About this woman who arrived in Belgium in 1938 fleeing Poland, the pogroms, and the atrocities. This woman, who is only seen in her apartment. An apartment in Brussels. A film about a moving world  which my mother does not get to see.” (Chantal Akerman)

Excerpt from:

Directed by

Chantal Akerman

2015 | 1 h 52 | French (s.t. English)

Filmmaker’s country: Belgium
Country of filming: Belgium
Country of production: Belgium, Germany

Retrospective Chantal Akerman / Alice Diop

Thursday, May 9

5:15 pm | Cinéma Moderne

4:45 pm Audience welcome
5:15 pm Screening begins

5150 Saint-Laurent Blvd.
Montreal, QC
H2T 1R8

Free admission, subject to availability

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