Quebec premiere

Okmulgee Invitational

Filmmaker and visual anthropologist Adam James Smith takes his perspective and  camera to the Okmulgee Invitational, one of the largest and oldest rodeo events organized by African-Americans in the United States. During the course of a particularly festive and rich evening, the camera becomes almost omniscient, attempting to capture the ordinary life of this spectacular and singular event.

Directed by

Adam James Smith

2023 | 45 min | English (s.t. English)

Featured selection

Society for Visual Anthropology, États-Unis, 2023

Filmmaker’s country: United Kingdom
Country of filming: United States
Country of production: United States


Discussion with the filmmaker (Okmulgee Invitational)
Q&A with Adam Smith
Moderator: Danya Leal- Master’s student in visual anthropology FLACSO-Ecuador and logistics and volunteer team coordinator at FIFEQ-Montreal

Wednesday, May 8

7 pm | McCord Stewart Museum

6:30 pm Audience welcome
7 pm Screening begins

690 Sherbrooke St. W.
Montreal, QC
H3A 1E9

Free admission, subject to availability

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