Random Access Memory

If you ask an algorithm for a film based on your web browsing history, you get Random Access Memory (RAM), or a succession of images from our time, drawn from the web “memory” captured on a smartphone. With a daring approach, this 100% raw film advances an intriguing way of questioning the value and life of images in a digitized society.

Directed by

Damian Alender Arteca

2023 | 1 h 07 | English (s.t. English)

Country of origin: Canada
Country of filming: Canada
Country of production: Canada

Cinema exhibition
Screening followed by a discussion with the filmmaker

3:10 pm | Panel discussion
Damián Arteca, Director of Random Access Memory
Samuele Collu, Assistant Professor, Anthropology, McGill University

Saturday, May 11

1:30 pm | Cinéma Moderne

1 pm Audience welcome
1:30 pm Screening begins

5150 Saint-Laurent Blvd.
Montreal, QC
H2T 1R8

Free admission, subject to availability

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