Soup For My Brother

In this strikingly poetic documentary about memory, loss and brotherly love, we find Jimmy, guided by the memory and words of his grandfather, preparing a soup for his beloved brother Danny, who passed away one year ago.

Directed by

Terry Jones

2016 | 10 min | English (s.t. English)

Featured selections

imagineNative Film + Media Arts Festival 2016
LA Skins Fest 2016
Native Cinema Showcase – Smithsonian – National Museum of the American Indian 2017

Filmmaker’s country: Seneca Nation
Country of filming: Seneca Nation
Country of production: Seneca Nation

6 pm | Screening
Co-presented with Wapikoni Mobile and McCord Stewart Museum

7:30 pm | Presentation
Jack Belhumeur, guest filmmaker and session programmer (Wapikoni Mobile)
Terry Jones, director of Soup For My Brother

Thursday, May 9

6 pm | McCord Stewart Museum 

5:30 pm Audience welcome
6 pm Screening begins

690 Sherbrooke St. W.
Montreal, QC
H3A 1E9

Free admission, subject to availability

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