Indigenous resurgences and international solidarity


Escuela de Cine y Comunicación Mapuce del Ayja Rewe Bud, 2021 (Chile)

Canada | 11 min | Original version with French subtitles

In the community of Ayja Rewe Budi in Chile, Mapuce youth travel the territory from north to south, meeting on their way elders who transmit their knowledge relating to Mapuce life threatened by the coastal highway project. Weaving together the stories and songs of elders, this film celebrates the present and the future of Mapuce youth.

A series of other “surprise” shorts films from Wapikoni Mobile  will be broadcasted (with french subtitles).

A round table will follow the screening of the short films and will focus on the theme of indigenous resurgence and international solidarities in the presence of directors, members of Wapikoni Mobile and representatives from the international cooperation community.

Free admission depending on seats available
Round table after the screening

Sunday may 15

2 PM Session 1

Musée McCord – Théâtre J-A Bombardier

690 Rue Sherbrooke O,

Montréal, QC H3A 1E9

Films on May 15