Rhythms and Sensorialities II - Breaths and Whispers


by Tania Hernández Velasco, 2019 (in Mexico)

Mexico | 63min | Spanish with English and French subtitles

A young woman and her mother undertake the last harvest of a bean field, without any farming experience, in order to convince her grandmother to keep the family’s land. They try to grasp, through the whispers and stories of the field, what the recently deceased grandfather could not teach them. A poetic look at the deep links between the loss of a loved one, the loss of knowledge and, consequently, the deterioration of an agricultural environment.

FIFEQ’s review

A breathtaking contemplative film of which the main characters are the earth, the land and the plants, rather than human beings. A poetic work full of sensitivity with a stunning photography.

Conversation with Amelie Ward, PhD student in anthropology and sensory studies at McGill University – Discussion about the films of Imagining relationality and Rhythms and Sensorialities II – Breaths and Whispers (in French)


June 23 to 27, 2021

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