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Trous de mémoire

by Pier-Louis Dagenais Savard, 2019 (in Canada)

Canada | 24min | French

Trous de mémoire, an ethnographic film directed by Pier-Louis Dagenais Savard, transmits with humor, depth and authenticity the point of view of a Wendat participating in archaeological excavations as a student. Presenting itself as an “inverted” ethnography, the short film offers a liberated and liberating look on archaeology and university excavations.


Q&A with Trous de mémoire‘s director and with the archeological site supervisor after the screening 


FIFEQ’s review

« A beautiful and refreshing film sweating with truths. »


Friday September 18

7 pm

McCord Museum

690 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, QC H3A 1E9



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