Rhythms and sensorialities I - The beauty of sound


by Michael B MacDonald, 2019 (in Canada)

Canada | 32 minutes 9 | English

Amplify, an Indigenous hiphoppa and member of the Edmonton-based hip hop group Unspittable, reflects over the three years the group has been together in the hour before a gig. Rich of intimate performances, Unspittable is an improvised ethno-fiction film immersing its audience into the reality of Indigenous hip hop in urban Canada.

FIFEQ’s review

Unspittable, by showcasing rap as a medium of expression and a lived contemporary indigenous testimony, brings to light the necessity of writing one’s own narrative. A touching film, full of passion and sincerity.

Q&A with Michael B MacDonald – Director of Unspittable.


June 16 to 20, 2021

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