W8linaktegw ta niona

By : Myriam Landry, in collaboration with Wapikoni Mobile

2022 | 7 min | VOSTA
Country of origin of filmmaker : Canada
Country of production : Canada
Country of recording : Canada

In this cinematographic work, Myriam Landry explores the importance of the W8linaktegw River (Bécancour River) to her family and her nation through her memories and the stories of her father. The film also bears witness to this river, which has been transformed over the generations.

About the director:

Myriam Landry was born in Trois-Rivières and has been living in Tiohti:áke (Montreal) for 6 years. She is a member of the W8banaki (Abenaki) First Nation in the community of Wôlinak. Her professional life is dedicated to working on projects related to the valorization of Indigenous peoples. She has been practicing pottery as a hobby for almost 10 years. Through her film, Myriam seeks to highlight the Ndakinna, the ancestral territory of the W8banakiak (Abenaki) and the Abenaki language that she is slowly learning.

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