Canadian premiere

“We Live with Maybes”: Searching for Missing Relatives in Post-War Azerbaijan

“Bəlkələrlə Yaşayırıq”: Müharibə sonrası itkin düşmüş şəxslərin axtarışında

Anthropologist Leyla Jafarova captures the experience of the families of soldiers gone missing during the first war between Armenia and Azerbaijan (1988-1994). Having never been able to find out whether their loved ones are still living or dead.   Stuck in a devastating in-between after endless years of futile efforts, the relatives of those gone missing devise and deploy their own strategies to begin to make sense of the past. A rich network of meaning and affect reveals the significance of rituals in the face of death and loss, and its ‘mystical’ place in our lives.

Directed by

Leyla Jafarova

2023 | 1 h 05 | Azerbaijani (s.t. English)

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Sevil International Women’s Documentary Film Festival 2023
ETNOFF International Ethnographic Film Festival 2023
Kratovo International Ethnological Documentary Film Festival 2023

Filmmaker’s country: Azerbaijan
Country of filming: Azerbaijan
Country of production: United States

Thursday, May 9

8:30 pm | McCord Stewart Museum

8 pm Audience welcome
8:30 pm Screening begins

690 Sherbrooke St. W.
Montreal, QC
H3A 1E9

Free admission, subject to availability

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