2020-2021 edition

June 14 to 20, 2021

Ethnographic Intimacies

From June 14 on the platform Tënk

A long-term immersion in a social context and the development of affective and human relations with the subjects of study, the primary characteristics of ethnographic works, are approached with finesse and reflexivity in these two films. Both reveal, each in their own way, the resolutely and unbearably intimate character of visual ethnographies. These two works are presented as an invitation to plunge into the universe of the ethnographic film.

Q&A with Maíra Bühler – Director of Let it burn. On from June 14 to 20 and on our website

Cinema as a place of encounter

From June 15 on the platform Tënk

Two sensitive and original cinematographic works that offer a glimpse of other spatio-temporal frameworks allowed by the filmic medium. If filming marginality is a constant in the history of documentary films, these two directors offer viewers an ambivalent cinematographic experience of the near and the far, where the act of filming – with and close up – stems from a particular and intimate encounter between protagonist and director.

Q&A with Lucie Martin – Director of Demeure. On from June 15 to 20 and on our website

Rhythms and sensorialities I: the beauty of sound

From June 16 on the platform Tënk

The characteristic sound of a city, its poetic energy, or the musical journey of a group of indigenous artists; so many ways of writing and describing daily life. A proposition of three eclectic works linked by their strong, personal and immersive character.

Q&A with Michael B MacDonald – Director of Unspittable. On from June 16 to 20 and on our website.

Filming the anthropocene

From June 17 on the platform Tënk

Three films that offer different outlooks on the human fact on Earth in the contemporary era, which some have dubbed the Anthropocene, this era where humans compete with the powers of nature before those of politics. These three cinematographic incursions, all very striking on the formal level, present realities emerging from such a struggle and invite reflexive thought.

Dissonant poetries of contemporaneity

From June 18 on the platform Tënk

As the different regimes of contemporaneity that make up our world are revealed, temporalities collide and exclaim that they have always been heterogeneous: the world, thus, is presented as a theater of a multitude of coexisting temporal scales. The two films proposed under this theme allow us to contemplate the dissonant poetry of this collapse of a certain conception of temporality.

June 21 to 27, 2021


From June 21 on the platform Tënk

Two unique films portraying the daily struggles of different individuals as they leave, search for, or lose their own home. Two touching and painful, yet beautiful, tales.

Imagining Relationality

From June 22 on the platform Tënk

Imagining relationality through cinema as a possible place for sharing the intimate, a common space for reflection in order to think about that which is revealed to us. These four approaches make us think about our ways of seeing, showing and living our intimacies. The uniqueness of each of these works allows us to understand, through complex and diverse fragments of lives, the protagonists’ issues and the links between them.

  • Q&A with Simon Kessler – Director of In the suitcase.
  • Q&A with Elina Chared – Director of The voices from inside.
  • Conversation with Amelie Ward, PhD student in anthropology and sensory studies at McGill University – Discussion about the films of Imagining relationality and Rhythms and Sensorialities II – Breaths and Whispers

On from June 22 to 27 and on our website

Rhythms and sensorialities II – Breaths and Whispers

From June 23 on the platform Tënk

The camera makes it possible to filter the invisible to make it visible. This possibility offered by cinema would not be complete without a consideration of the impact of sounds in the creation of almost palpable spaces. It is thus in the form of a breath, a whisper, that these films evolve in order to reach their objective: entering the world of sensations to create a space for reflection.

  • Conversation with Amelie Ward, PhD student in anthropology and sensory studies at McGill University – Discussion about the films of Imagining relationality and Rhythms and Sensorialities II – Breaths and Whispers

On from June 22 to 27 and on our website

Filmic processes of commemoration

From June 24 on the platform Tënk

Perceiving memories as never-ending processes rather than static products allows one to reflect upon and wander through processes of memorialization, a feat that is magnificently accomplished by these two sensorially poetic films.

Politicized Identities

From June 25 on the platform Tënk

If identity is a fundamentally anthropological subject that has been seen over and over again, the filmic medium, like a magnifying glass, allows us to magnify and even blur its contours, to offer us other perspectives. From a 6-minute sensory incursion into a recycling factory to a multi-collage collaborative narrative within a Romanian community in the region of Paris and to epistolary exchanges between a brother and his sister about « becoming » Black, these three works offer us a fresh look at the reappropriation of narrativity and thus of identity.

Q&A with Nicolás Aguirre / Parábolo Páramo – Director of Faena.

Q&A with Jérémy Gravayat – Director of A Lua Platz.

On from June 25 to 27 and on our website